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American Gods and Advertising December 28, 2005

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Books,Life , trackback

I decided not to do a chapter by chapter recap. I’ll just do a beginning and end. I had always wanted to do a chapter synopsis for the books I read, so I could go back and read the synopses, and be reminded of why I loved (or hated?) the book in the first place. But it turns out that that’s pretty boring!

On another note, I will be adding Google’s Adsense ads to my site. I think one lil’ window up top will do. Now now, before you start yelling, “Sell Out” and getting ready to tar and feather me, keep in mind I am a huge hater of ads, and give me a moment to explain.

I hate ads. I hate looking at commercials. I hate standing in line at Ralphs and having a TV ejaculate ads at me. I hate going to movies and having McDonalds ads attack me. My attitude was, and still is, if I want something, I’ll go looking for it. A relatively recent slashdot article talked about this subject, and while several good points were made in favor of ads (free content, etc) the one that stuck out the most was that Google had ads that just worked. They’re able to customize their ads to you, based on your browsing history. They aren’t randomly placed. Nor are their ads flashy, intrusive and ugly. My grandma isn’t going to see Hot Rod ads in 300 x 150 flashing banners. She’s not even going to see Grandma ads, actually, she’s going to see Her ads!

So with that in mind, I’m going to put one up for a bit and see how well it works. Feel free to click on it, as that will help pay the bills for this site. Or just donate your organs and send me cash, either way.


1. Karen - December 30, 2005

I am interested in reading that book. Advertisements are actually very entertaining to me. I’m sure you’re pretty familar with the psychology behind advertisements….it’s actually pretty interesting. The’ve all figured out these crazy ways of getting peoples attention, and how to achieve brand recognition. was it a good book?

2. Max - December 30, 2005

you are a secular capitalist zealot

3. Max - December 30, 2005

oh, and by the way, your left column should be a set pixel width and the rest of your site should do the resizing otherwise i can’t read what yer reading and listening to and watching. (this was said in a light, happy, constructive tone)

4. AkumAPRIME - December 30, 2005

I dropped it at 250 pxls. Let me know how it works for you now.
/said in a happy, accepting and thankful tone :)