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Books and boredom May 12, 2006

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It’s pouring

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I finished Angels and Demons. Then I finished the Da Vinci Code. They were good, really, I give them both As. But really, do we all need to go CRAZY over them? I see dozens of spin offs, people clutching at Brown’s heels for a chance to rake in the dough.

The Vatican is calling for boycotts; apparently they haven’t learned that that brings more attention and viewers to a subject. Oddly, some groups are making a smart choice: They are using this capitalizing on the curiosity to inform potential believers about Catholicism. This is very smart for them (bad for us of course).

The major problem is that even though Brown’s books are critical of organized religion as it exists, it is only serving to increase religiosity. This of course, is bad.

Anyway after those two books, I bought some Philip K. Dick books; a famous sci-fi author whose drug induced stories are unique and paranoid.

There’s a potential typhoon that will hit this weekend, but A) it looks like it might turn away, and B) it will hit the south, leaving only heavy rain for me up in Taipei.

Question: What happens if a pirate and a ninja become friends?


1. Sylvia Boyd - May 14, 2006

I can’t believe you never got hooked on “24.” Daddy and I sit on the edge of
our seats the whole hour. Only Grandpa gets mad that Keifer Sutherland
whispers through half the show. I thought “Lost”: had gotten kinda lost.
Looking forward to seeing you in a little over a week. Hope you have a safe
trip home. Love, Grandma