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Stupidity makes me angry May 16, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

My own more so than anyone else’s, but in this case it’s my landlord’s that’s gotten me all pissed. Now this describes what I see as a stupid mistake, and in no way means my landlord is a stupid person. In fact, as I’ll point out again later, perhaps I’ve stupidly missed sth here.

My room is small. It’s hot. I don’t mind my room so much, but I would gladly upgrade. A couple weeks ago, one of my flatmates moved out. The landlord installed AC in the room, which also happens to be bigger than mine. So I asked, for my last 1.5 weeks here, if I could have the room. I would pay a prorated amount; she’d have money, I’d have a better room With AC!!! The answer was no, she needed a 3 month minimum. Well of course, I wasn’t going to pay 3 months rent for 1.5 weeks, we didn’t share a language, and my poor flatmate Ryan, who we’d woken to translate, didn’t seem happy; so I gave up, deciding not to press the issue. Besides, I thought, perhaps she has a tenant coming tomorrow or sth. Well of course, there is Still no one in that room.

So, am I angry that I’m in a small room, and hot as hell? Yes. But I’m MORE angry that she would turn down profit for a reason I can’t understand. So perhaps I’m the stupid one, but can ANYONE offer me a good reason why she would prefer an empty room over an occupied one? Really, I need you to validate this.


1. lorna - May 18, 2006

well,…does she realize u only want it for 1.5 weeks? and has she seen (by the condition of your current flat) that u wion’t trash the room before she rents it to a 3-monther?
it MUST be bad language/communicat. sorry. soon you’ll b cooler, ot at least less damp. it’s gorgeous here.