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Malfunctions on MySite December 30, 2005

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Update!!!: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/triggerpages_mmcom/flash.html
Go there and install the flash plugin. You should have it anyway.

If you happen to come across any errors, or inability to see things perfectly, please DO tell me. I’m constantly messing with things here, and often break things I can’t see. Perhaps you use IE instead of Firefox, or some other browser that I don’t use, and you see, or don’t see, certain things. Even pointing out typos is good.

You should be able to see a big Akumaprime in the upper left, A “currently” menu on the left, with a donate button beneath and a Navigation menu up top. If you don’t see the menu up top, make sure you have the Flash plug in installed, and/or let me know.


1. Max - December 30, 2005

yo homie. I’m using the very newest Safari and the Nav Menu doesnt show up. It’s there…. or at least something is, but I can’t see it. I only know because my cursor pops up one of those notes that says nav bar.

I could try downloading the newest flash plugin, but I think I’m up to date on that too. I’ll do that and then let you know

oh, and you took my suggestion for the left bar!

2. Max - December 30, 2005

hey, it works with flash or whatever the hell it is i just got