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Wingrizon May 28, 2006

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I bought two bags of green tea and have been making cup after cup. I find the Jasmine to be better than the Dong-ding Oolong. I think the tea is the only thing keeping me up after a 4 hour sleep…

So a couple days ago I went bike riding with MaX and his friend Matt… well… MaX told Matt I am a great, aggressive biker; apparently he forgot that I only learned to bike <1 year ago…

So we go down this mountain, about 8 miles and I fall FIVE times.. Now the first 3 times were fine, they weren’t really falls. I jumped off the bike and ran and I was fine. But 2 of the falls… were painful. Hips and elbows were bruised and battered, walking pains and bike damage ensued… the 2nd of the painful ones occurred when I tried to take a jump and… failed :( So next time I won’t take any jumps, I’ll just focus on not dying!

This will be an exciting week. Dinners and lunches with friends and graduations to attend.


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