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My pooooor bike :( May 29, 2006

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So today, MaX and I decided to bike through the Santa Monica mountains to the beach for a bit. We took the same trail that kicked my @$$ a few days ago… well.. this time I was fine, but my poooor bike :( My gear mechanism shattered, so we had to walk for a long while. I was able to coast if we were downhill but… that wasn’t always the case.

So I took the bus on Sunset and WoW, the buses have gotten Way better since I used to take them… Still, public transporation in LA is shameful.

So I made it home in time for dinner with Shahin, MaX and his grandparents, Nat and Fred. Towards the end of the night, I explain a couple of idioms to Fred: butter face and fugly. At this point, Fred says, ” When we were young and a girl was ugly, we’d say, ‘ Wrap a flag around her head and fuck her for old glory.'” I was expecting something like ” Gosh, she’s keen.”
We laughed loud and long… I think we actually offended the lady behind us. Sorry lady behind us.

Well, MaX leaves for Boulder tomorrow early. I hope to go visit him within 2 weeks but…. we shall see.

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