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Happy Father’s Day! June 18, 2006

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So I had brunch with Carol, my step-mom. That was nice, sad though, without my dad. She gave me a great graduation gift. 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. It was a book I had eyed in Taipei, but found tooooo thick to buy. So with this book I’m happy to announce the aptly named: 1001 Books Project.

I played pool with my grandpa Jon later. Won twice, lost twice. But one of my victories was due to an early 8 ball so I don’t really consider it a victory. Then we were off to dinner with Leslie, Wayne and Lauren. We had a nice dinner, and I got a great tea pot from them. Using it now YOSH!!!


1. Scoosh - June 21, 2006

Carol gives the BEST gifts hands down. She gave me two brand new pool sticks! I love em. Sad to say I haven’t used em yet though. I just don’t want to walk into a bar with my own sticks and get owned by somebody.