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Nice and Red June 24, 2006

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Mouth of the Earth God

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So yesterday I was to meet some friends at the beach. But on my way there, I realized… My friends are flakes, and they most likely wouldn’t even show. As it happened, I saw Malibu Creek National Park and decided, since I had my bike with me, to check it out. So I biked like hell and found a cool new place!

That night I told Shahin, ” Let’s go to the beach tomorrow. I’ll come get you like 10:30ish.”
” OK, I’ll call you in the morning,” he says.

So this morning I go to his house, wake him up and he says, ” I’m not going to the beach. I HATE the beach.”

WTF? So I went by myself…. I had, perhaps, a little toooo much fun in the sun, since one of my friends said I look like a lobster.

As a side note: My one year biking anniversary should be here within this next week! Crazytown.


1. Maxtrumental - June 25, 2006

Damn, I just started to call you and then I realized it’s crazy early in LA. Anyway. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I’m in Basalt CO which is about 20 miles from Aspen, and I just rode there and back yesterday. 40 miles on a mountainbike trail is pretty awesome, but the sunburn is pretty extreme. Damn.