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Schizophrenic Government Agents June 25, 2006

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Last night, I met with my friend Adam. I pulled into his alley, waiting for him. My window was down and a man, late 20s, hispanic, long hair, was digging through the trash. As he approached I thought about rolling my window up. It was late, he didn’t look harmless or “normal”, but I hate to presume and give in to fear.

So he asked, with a wild look in his eyes, for a light. As he asked, he leaned forward a bit towards me. I was prepared to open my door into him… hard. I was driving my friends car, but he smokes :( so I searched for a lighter. I told him this but as I searched, I kept checking his position. I also wondered where Adam was, in case I needed help. After a minute, I couldn’t find a lighter, and he mumbled something to the effect of me not wanting to give him a lighter.. or sth.

I told him, ” Look it’s Not my car. I told you.”

” Oh did you Steal it?” he said.

” No,” I say, irritated, ” it’s my friend’s, and I tried to find you a lighter so you need to chill out.” I searched the side of the door, and found a lighter. ” Here man, relax.”

He lit up, handed me back the lighter, then asked to buy it off me.

” Hell you can have it, it’s not my lighter.” ( Sorry Dylan)

He smiled and a small laugh escaped him. Suddenly I was his friend.. No, I was more. He grinned.

” I’m Avi.” I think that’s what he said, so I told him my name, and we shook hands.”

” To help an Agent is to become an agent. I will baptize you with Old Glory.” (Side note: He didn’t say Agent. He said Officer or… I forget. Something with a C in the front.. I think. But agent is the gist of it.) He rummaged through his bag. He thought out loud, ” Drawers… funky draws.. Ah HERE,” and pulled out a large, wrinkled and dirty American Flag. He wrapped it around the back of his neck like a towel. Where the HELL is Adam? As well as I’ve handled this guy, schizophrenics can change mindset quickly.

” You know if it touches the ground, you have to burn it.”

” No, ” he says, ” you have to cry if you die fighting for it.” I see Adam appear on the other side of the car. I get out, Adam and I exchange words which consisted Mostly of, ” Wtf is This guy?” and we parted ways. Next time I see Avi I hope he’s doing better.

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1. Andrea - June 26, 2006

Evan, I can’t get over what a GREAT writer you are. I swear when I read the stuff you write… I feel like I am right there. You need to write books!!!!! not to mention your an AMAZING photogrpher!!! Love ya bunches. Aunt Andrea