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Busy Bee June 26, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Turns out I Don’t need a medical exam for a Chinese Visa, YEAH! So we go get our Visas tomorrow, then ticket shopping, Uhaul all of Shah’s junk up to Berkeley, get vaccinated, go to the Arnolds’ going away party, July 4th, Buy a camera and leave.

Oh and I’m taking some Capoeira classes before I go, and Bikram Yoga, which is the BOMB.

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1. ian - June 27, 2006

any ideas on what kind of camera you will be buying?
depending on how much you’re willing to spend,
and if you are going digital, i would reccomend getting
something with a decent lens, a manual setting as well
as a macro setting, and 7 mega pixel or better. you can definetly
get cameras that good for under $300. otherwise try and find
an old 35mm canon SLR. they go for less than $100 and take
excellent pictures. oh and have fun in china you lucky !@#$%^