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Superman – A June 29, 2006

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The previews of Spider-Man 3 (VENOM!!!) and Lady of the Water (Shyamalan’s new film) were a great way to ease me into the great two hours to come.

Superman Returns was Everything X-Men 3 wasn’t. The characters were written accurately. The dialogue wasn’t written to be super corny. The ending was left open in a natural way, without unnecessary deaths and resurrections.

The special effects were aMazing. From the bullet bouncing off his eye to the plane scene… you were battered by cinematic after cinematic, and left begging for more. When Lois Lane took a hit, I was the one who felt the pain. Truly great.
The 5 year disappearance leaves room for a prequel, since I hardly believe Supes just flew Round for 5 years (and where did that Kryptonian ship that he landed in come from, huh?).

It was well done over all. I really enjoyed it despite coming into thr film with some misgivings. I wasn’t happy with Lex Luthor being the villain, because he’s just been done So Many Times. But Kevin Spacey kicked Hackman’s ass . Hackman portrayed differently (thoguh not worse) than the comics do. Spacey continued the egotistical, sarcastic, somewhat inept Luthor better than Hackman did.

I also didn’t like that DC named Both their recent movies “charactername Returns.” Come on guys… Though I suppose using numbers is just as unoriginal and lazy. ::: EDIT ::: It came up in a conversation today, 7/1/06, that it is Batman BEGINS, not Batman RETURNS, so… umm.. yeah.. forget this paragraph. I’m an idiot.
So now the question about Super-Boy! Is he really Super-man’s son? Well he film leaves us little question. He expresses super strength and Lois is convinced of his ancestry. But perhaps there will be a twist to it, since in the comics, Super-boy is Not a son, but a clone of Super-man and Lex Luthor! (Well as with Any/Every comic universe, there are various incarnations) But considering Luthor’s surprised response, we can infer this is’nt the case. But look for the twist: there should be one.

I’m not Nearly as well versed in DC comic lore as I am in Marvel, but I have taken to reading Batma and Super-man, amongst others, the past few years. I would Really like to see the Death of Superman on screen…


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