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The Greatest conspiracy that ever occurred was the one that made it seem like Conspiracies are impossible, and that those who believe in them, are nuts. July 3, 2006

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Why is it so hard to believe? For centuries, the powerful have been using their money and influence to deceive the people around them in the search for More power. They have been willing to lie, cheat, kill, torture and more in pursuit of MORE POWER.

So why is it that when there is evidence that a world wide consortium of powerful people, from generally wealthy families, are using their ties and money to control the world in various and often devious ways, that I am considered Nutty for pointing it out, for seeing it? We see Bush and friends, and others (Bush will be my focus A) because he’s the current president, and B) because he represents a major group.) lie to us constantly, from wire tapping to WMDs to who he did and didn’t meet. Yet when people question his involvement in the 9/11 Fraud, we are looked at like we’re retarded.

My step-father discredits conspiracies based on his belief that no one can keep a secret and thus these would be basically impossible. He cites Watergate’s Deep Throat as an example. But I see it as an exception, not the rule. Especially since after Watergate, the powerful learned from the mistake. Deep Throat was the #2 in the CIA. So Bush senior became Head of the CIA. Being head of the Central Intelligence Agency gave him significant powers to stop someone like Deep Throat from coming forward in the future. I also think that while civilians can’t keep their mouths shut, soldiers in the military-industrial complex are a different breed entirely. There are Plenty of secrets that the government keeps from us. Successfully.

The Bushs, Father and Son, were members of the same famed Skull and Bones fraternity in Yale, as was Kerry. The Skull and Bones had an open roster, they no longer do, and many of the names are of people in strategically powerful positions around the world. I’ve seen both Bush and Kerry say that it was a secret society, and they wouldn’t talk about it. Why?

The two companies that collect our ballots for voting are owned by two people, brothers, who hire… curiously felonious members to write their software. HERE is a good collection of interesting stats about how BS our elections are.

So we have proven liars and warmongers in office through dubious means. We have secrecy that simply CAN’T be justified except under the all mighty “Shroud of secrecy.” Please watch THIS movie. Then tell me I’m wrong, and why.

On a side note, I broke the 160’s today. I got to 169.5. When I stand on the scale, I often see a game. I win when I reach 0! lol, jk. and please family members, don’t lecture me. I eat as much as I want of natural foods, and often eat other things.


My brother and I just got back from “Who Killed the Electric Car?” which basically showed that the powerful waged a war against technology and the future to keep themselves going. They perceived, rightfully so, a threat to their income, and crushed it. The American consumer was labelled as a guilty party, but I would ask, “Who’s guilty of keeping the American consumer an ignorant SUV loving whore?” The same gas company, federal government and car companies that killed the EV1. Much the RIAA and MPAA, we can do without the oil industry. Go see this movie. It was well done. Another notch in the “Examples of the rich screwing us over and doing it in secret.”

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1. Kurt - July 9, 2006

I know how you feel and I’ve felt that way myself many times before. Since I’m old I’ll point a few things out.
In the 70’s Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer, became president. Right towards the end of his term in office the price of peanuts
and peanut butter went up. Reagan just spent tons on defense. While Clinton was pres. Wal Mart and Tyson chicken
became billionaires. Tyson was a huge backer of Clinton. Now W. Bush x-oilman, and look at gas prices. You are probably right.

2. Lorna - July 27, 2006

Evan, if this is true, and you’re so smart, why on earth would you print this opinion here, where the “bad guys” can SEE IT?

i think one day when you look back at this, you’ll wish you hadn’t been quite slo ADAMANT, whether right OR wrong. you’re probably some of each.

love, lorna hb