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Party TIME – Wait… stop it…! July 9, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Last night I had a going away party. I throw parties now and again… Never have the cops show up (not sure if that means my parties are good or bad), and never had any problems.. Until last night (no cops, just problems). One of my good friends drank toooo much tequila. Then he disappeared. We went to look for him and found him crouched in the front yard. I sat with him and he immediately started to grapple with me, something that we often do for fun. However, being drunk, he was being riDiculously rough and I took a few hits. But I thought if I grappled him a bit, I’d tire him out and he’d pass out. I took my shirt off and wrestled in the grass at 2:00am for 45 minutes with my friend. I choked him out about 6 times. He was spitty and vomity, but at least he was quiet. But when he did speak, it was incomprehensible half sentences. He said, I know, alot.

I head inside to get him some water and when we go back out to give it to him, he’s Gone. That’s Bad, because he’s insanely drunk. Translate that Insane part literally. We find him in our neighbors yard, and when he sees us see him, he gets up and gets loud, so we have to haul him over to my yard and shut him up!!! Which we do, but he’s fighting us and he REEKS beyond description. He had shat himself at this point… :( sad really. I’ve never seen my friend like this, and didn’t expect this of him. So I end the party and try to get this friend into a persons car to take him home. Well, of course, he won’t let us take him. We wrestle with him a bit before he stands up and tells me to kick him. So I do.

I snap kick him in the chest and he goes down. He stands up and tells me to kick him again. I oblige him. I kick him in the chest, and down he goes. When he stands up this time he says, ” Ok I’m ready to go.” So we get him in a car, get him to his place, and when we unlock the door to his room, he Launches himself into his bed and, I hoped/thought, sleep. I promptly went back home and slept myself.

It turns out that later that night he’d locked himself in his bathroom and torn it apart and sat with a hot shower on for hours. I have bruises to show for the mess, and it exacerbated a chest injury I sustained a few days prior.

In the morning my dog Biscuit was at my house, which was weird, because she was supposed to be with a family friend.. I got up and cleaned up the beer bottles, etc… then slept again… It was by far the worst party I’ve thrown…

:::FAMILY NOTE::: Don’t freak out if you read this. Really.


1. Maxtrumental - July 10, 2006

damn doggydog!

Yeah, it sounds like a mess. Why did you kick him when he asked you to though? I don’t get that part… It sort of seems out of character for you.

Do i know what friend this is? I think i know what friend this is. wierd.

2. Maxtrumental - July 10, 2006


3. AkumAPRIME - July 10, 2006

Ha, are you kidding? If you ask me to kick you, I’ll kick. I remember this one time this girl was like, ” Someone hit me.” I said, ” Are you sure? I’m going to hit you!” She said, ” Yes!” So I slapped her as Hard as I could. There was a good reason to, just like in this case. Basically it was to shock them both out of their insanity.

4. Shah - August 1, 2006

Evan steps up the insanity in order to properly deal with insane people…. which is pretty insane when you whitness it actually.

5. lavin - August 1, 2006

laugh out loud,when reading”He had shat himself at this point”…sounds like story happens in a novel ,:p