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Bye Bye Beijing, Bye Bye Levin July 17, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

So we saw pretty much all there is to see in Beijing. I have several hundred photos to show for it. Tomorrow we head to Shanghai for 10 days. I am able to post intermittantly at the Hostel’s computers. I wrote a warning about the Tea Ceremony Scam for other westerners. We met 4 others that were hit by it. Shah and I are learning alot; negotiating prices, cultural exchange, etc…

See you all in Shanghai!

oh and Bye Levin, thanx for the great time in Beijing. We had a Great time because of you!


1. lavin - July 17, 2006

hi,dear evan,so great time we had!you are funny you are so hot(right use?)i wanted to meet you for a night meal last night,but a friend dated a dinner with me at 7:00~9:00,so i missed the acrobates and your messages.when you called me at 9:37,it was late.you both and me need have a relax for today.really wanted to see you once again.so happy a weekend.
excuse me for embarrassed listening and oral english, afterall we could know each other,that made me feel wonderful.our laughs were real,our happiness were true.i felt proud that there were many historic sites for me to show you,though we only visited a few some of them in two days. DAMN Tea Ceremony Scam!God of thunder hit them!i hope you’d remember all friendly and honest people,such like “Pawnee” and me.hehe…
negotiating prices is one main part of my work.so…i negotiate much,but i don’t negotiate all the time.you should know before the negotiate,what is your aim at?what is the seller aim at?it is something about tradeoff.what happens in china is as same as that of in u.s.a or somewhere else.
you are very optimistical with roseate faces.affect me great.feel very happy having know you.you remind me with smiles.thank you very much.i don’t know how long should i wait for the next time to see you.i’ll be always your friends,welcome to beijing again.i hope i could go abroad to visit you,too!write me emails or call me whenever you want.:)

2. lavin - July 18, 2006

hey evan,how can i click your links on the left of website? why there are so many ad. ?i can’t move them away.