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Note to Self: I Am Still Alive July 22, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

If I ever get cancer, it’s because of China. Everyone here smokes!!! Damn it’s awful.

Last night Shah and I went to a bar. It was loud, so we left, went to a smaller bar, where little kids knocked on the window, begging for money. As we tried to leave, they crowded us, so we jumped back in the bar. Shah had a great idea. I went to the window to divert their attention, and Shah ran out. As they followed him, I ran out. As we ran, Shah dropped his expensive gerber multi-tool. A little kid grabbed it and brought it to him. I wanted to reward her, since she certainly could have snatched it and run off (Shah didn’t even notice he’d dropped it.) So I try to give the girl 5 quai, less than a dollar ( I wanted to give her more but as soon as the mob of beggars heard change…..) The group attacked me, literally grabbing me, pulling me. It was so disgusting and insane. I was about to punch 2 old women and several young children. They were like wild animals. The girl was able to get 1 quai from me before I ran inside to escape the assault…

We are having great fun in Shanghai and tons of pics for later. Soon Yellow Mountain.


1. cathy - July 22, 2006

so sorry to hear that!
i haven’t seen it b4,it is too crazy!

2. lavin - July 23, 2006

you wear a color glasses to see china.if you ever get cancer,it’s because of shah,he always smokes!!!damn it’s awful?if you ever get liver cancer,it’s because of america,everyone there crazy drink!damn it’s awful? rude of you too assume that.afterall, a falling-out is not my willing.i am your friend,maybe a close one.when you need help,call me please.i know you are of the first time self-help traveling in china.this county is not a familier one to you.being careful is required.paying no attention to those beggers is a better way.maybe you should ask for somebody chinese(in the bar)’s help at that time.

3. lavin - July 26, 2006

Yellow Mountain is lost….5555555…Many friends told me it was a wonderful place~~we all missed~IT ~~

4. lavin - July 26, 2006


5. cathy - July 30, 2006

come with me,i like Yellow Mountain very much!