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I changed my mind. If I get cancer, it’s from Bangkok July 26, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Worst air quality Ever!

Ok, so Shah and I are in Bkk, from Shanghai. Shah “lost” his wallet in Shanghai, so I’ve been trying to keep him alive, but basically he is going home early :( So I will be travelling the last half of the trip alone I guess. But still, great pics, and lots of stories to come.



1. cathy - July 26, 2006

it is difficult for one to live without credit card and money ,especially in the other country.
so sad to hear that shah will going home early.
hope u 2 have a good time in BKK.

last week, i will leave shanghai to Nanjin and Hangzhou,Jiashan zhejiang.
and then go to Yun-nan and Burma.

2. lavin - July 26, 2006

what kind of story do you want most?;)
attracting another lady,man-made lady,i think,aha~
take more pictures for us and write down your stories,
we are here waiting to share,:)