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Ski Masks August 22, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

I’ve skied in my life. I’ve snowboarded. I’ve watched TV and movies where people were in the snow, doing various things. I have NEVER seen ANYONE wearing a ski mask. You know when you see someone wear a ski mask? When they’re robbing you of your valuables.

So this brings up a question. Two actually. A) Why do we call it a ski mask? We should call it a robbery mask. When you see someone put one on, do you think: Oh where is his skiing equipment? No, you think: Oh shit he’s got a gun!

B) What company MAKES these things? If they would STOP making robbery masks, maybe robberies would decrease. OK, Hypothetical conversation.

Robber A: Hey Robber B, Let’s go perpetrate a crime against our local bank.

Robber B: Wonderful, but in what way shall we disguise our faces?

A: Perhaps the traditional Ski Mask?

B: Impossible; they stopped making them a few years back.

A: Clown masks then?

B: Absolutely not. Think of our image! I suppose we will have to postpone the robbery.

You see how easily we could reduce crime by getting rid of ski masks? Too easily. So first let’s call them what they are, Robbery masks, and secondly, let’s Stop making them.


1. Shah - August 24, 2006

ummm… I agree? kinda? Don’t think it’ll reduce the number of robberies, but ya nobody wears that shit to go ski. I think we should keep making ski masks and put surveilance teams on people who buy them.

2. Shah - August 24, 2006

Hey look I commented before Lavin!!

3. lavin - August 24, 2006

SIGH,i didn’t want to comment anything,cause i can’t understand.you WIN,shah.:)

4. lavin - August 24, 2006

I get it now!LOL,the Hypothetical conversation is SO FUN