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Getting Kicked in the Head September 2, 2006

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This picture was taken shortly after getting kicked in the head. After getting kicked in the head, Dylan felt like crap. But he Knew why he felt like crap. He knew that while wrestling with Adam, Adam tried to arm bar him and a misplaced foot ended up in the back of D’s head.

The point to this story is that even if you have a headache, knowing where that headache came from is important. It provides you with a means of fixing the headache, or even preventing the headace from recurring. Not knowing where a headache comes from is frustrating because you are powerless against it.

This is the case of my headache: Religious fundamentalism. I don’t know where it comes from, or how to stop it. All I know is it makes me feel like I got kicked in the back of my head.

My family tries to tell me that religious moderation is the norm, that religious fundamentalism is not a controlling force in this nation. I don’t believe that to be true. Our “President” is a fundamentalist; the large majority of christians I’ve met believe in the Bible is the literal word of a real God; most of them don’t believe in (Read: don’t understand) evolution. Now if you live in LA, you are most likely not going to experience the Fundy mentality. To see the things that I think of when I picture the christian average, you have to go to the south and the midwest. It’s there that you will see things like THIS… which are increasing. Fundamentalism as a whole is increasing in the world.

But even in LA you’ll see that the Fundy BS reach exists. The rural areas of Ca harbor many fundies. I was sent a letter by my Uncle about the ACLU war on Xmas. Someone Please send me some evidence of the ACLU war on Xmas. What I see is a religious attack on secular thought via a made up war on Xmas blamed on the secular. So someone please, show me the light.

Despite what many would say are Puritanical roots, the truth is our forefathers were Deists. That is to say, Christian in many senses of the word, but far more secular, and by No means fundamentalist. In the mid-1950s, a fundamentalist mindset can be evidenced by the “In God We Trust” emblazoning our currency. Since then the problem has increased. In 1964 they even had a cartoon about it. See any similarities?


1. kristy - September 6, 2006

Ok-I can’t resist.

1. I can’t say that the ACLU has or hasn’t declared official war on Christmas, but I’ve also heard rumors to that end. I checked it out (google ACLU + Christmas). The idea that the ACLU is against Christmas, which the ACLU denies on their website, comes from their involvement in cases such as Grace c. Osediacz v. City of Cranston as well as letters of censure sent to various small groups such as the school district in Baldwin City, Kansas. You can google both of those to find out the details if you like.

2. I would venture to say that your video clip is not exactly an accurate portrayal of the Christian average. You said you were bored, so why don’t you do a little informal study…pick out 10 or so Christian churches at random and attend their Sunday services. You are confident enough in your own beliefs that this should not be a threat to you in any way. If nothing else, it might give you some interesting material to write about. If you see anyone training their children with military tactics, let me know.

3. You once told me that you believe that we all interact with reality subjectively, and therefore you ascribe to a morally relativist worldview. If it is as you say, and we each reach our own subjective conclusions about reality and our place in it, why does it bother you so that there are people who believe differently than you do and with equal conviction? If God, the Bible, and a creationist worldview really are nonsense, then why can you not just dismiss them as such without becoming offended and feeling like you got kicked in the back of the head? Do other world religions offend you in this manner?

2. AkumAPRIME - September 6, 2006

1) Declaring war on Christmas, and trying to stop Government endorsed religion… These are different things. The Government needs to be retardedly secular. People need to say, ” Damn, why is your Government So secular?” Why is this the case? because otherwise you end up with what we have today. An unofficially Xian nation that pushes a Xian agenda ahead of others.

2) Definitely NOT the average. My point is that it exists, in the South, and it’s increasing. But NOT average. It’s the extreme.

3) Yes others do also. Xianity hits me the hardest because it’s closer to home, but all other religious views also bruise me just as badly.