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Why? Part 2 – Life, the Universe and People. November 21, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Why did I choose to die? I already spoke of my mental illness. That is the most objective reason I can give. Here are my personal reasons, which are subjective, and may be Total rationalizations. Go get some salt.

I’m an Atheist. I believe there is no afterlife and no God. I’m gonna’ find out! :D

A lot of Atheists talk about how precious life is due to the fact that it is our Only life. That’s all well and good, but I will liken it to a video game or book or movie. If this game/book/movie is our ONLY game/book/movie, but it SUCKS ( I mean it’s Painfully bad) is it even WORTH it to watch it? I’ve decided NO, it isn’t. For those of you self-righteous enough to judge my choice foolish, all I can say is.. I couldn’t care less. Unless you have a serious mental disorder torturing you in ways the “normal” can’t understand, please stfu. thanx.

Computer addiction: Mine is pretty bad. Not the worst, but getting there.

I am a drain on my family’s resources. I am a financial parasite. I don’t like the feeling.

Arrogance: Perhaps a side effect of my disease, I am quite vain. Interestingly, at a higher level I Know I’m not better than others, but in terms of actions, I only associate myself with those I believe to be “higher” in some way: looks, brains, humor. I hate that.
So those are my internal reasons. Let’s look outside.

Could you imagine if I was like this with a wife and kids? I would Hate to do this to even More family, especially my own progeny. Think of this as a pre-emptive strike.

The people on this planet make me sick. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human too. Yet, if all the religious people on this planet could be killed in one fell swoop, I’d bet my life the world would be a better place.

Religion, rape, greed, genocide, lying, drugs, torture, stupidity, gullibility, apathy, actor worship, unnecessary SUVs, littering, cigarettes and their smokers… The majority of Humanity, if not the entire species, disgusts me.

So that’s 6.5 billionish reasons why I want to die. CHOOSE to die! Hope it’s enough… Hope it’s a choice…


1. indobud - November 21, 2006

Evan, we haven’t hung out as much as we used to, but the friendship and phone calls were always constant. We’d talk about Hero’s and Lost after each episode. I’ll never forget you, my man. You are a hero who will be missed and are much loved by all who really know you.

-Todd Quigley