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The Last Word November 29, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

It’s really tempting to get the last word in with people, but I’m not going to do it, not intentionally. There are Many arguments and debates I’ve had with people where I could do this, but why bother? The point is I don’t Care anymore. Getting the last word in would show just how much this banal, mediocre existence mattered, and that my death is for the wrong reasons.


1. a friend - November 30, 2006

T.O.Y. every day. R.I.P.

2. jcg - December 2, 2006

i miss you

3. caroline - December 2, 2006

Evan i’m so sorry to learn of what you were going through, I know you were a good man and didn’t deserve the constant struggle with life, I sincerely hope you’re at peace now. I respect that you chose to decide your own fate but can’t begin to imagine how those closest to you are feeling, when i’m feeling so sorrowful and despondent after hearing of your death. It seems like such a waste that the world is now without you. I know that you taught me so much in our brief time together, and I feel saddened and disappointed that so many will never know what a presence and influence you are – and will never feel an impact like that which you had on me. Evan it was too soon :( Thinking of you always,

Goodbye x x

4. Anonymous - December 20, 2006

If this blog doesn’t count as getting the last word in, than I don’t know what does…You must of Cared enough to leave so many messages, which are greatly appreciated, by the way. I don’t think that the people who love you will ever fully get over this. My heart goes out to your family especially. Rest in Peace, Evan. You will be missed.