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Some cool things I’ve found January 15, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

One of my clients is a breaker (that’s a type of dancing Grandma, ie. break dancing, popping and locking…)
HERE‘s a video of him on 3rd street.

Flickr is a great photo sharing site, and this bloke has used it to create something interesting. Called 50 people, he uses tags to collect 50 pics of a thing, then merges them. just check it out. How 50 people see a candle is my fave.

There is a commercial for Munich that quotes Ebert.
” Spielberg didn’t have to make this movie, but he needed to.” If someone could explain to me how that sentence would be meaningfully different from, ” Spielberg didn’t need to make this movie, but he had to”, then I could stop thinking of that as a really stupid sentence. Was Steven required to make that movie, or not…?

and THIS is just cool.


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