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Memoirs of a Geisha January 17, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Movies , trackback

Good movie, it got me into it. I didn’t read the book first so I am unable to complain about minor inconsistancies. The 3 main actresses were good, and I felt emotionally involved with the character. It could have been cut about 15 minutes short, but other than that, I give it an A.

While the movie was good, it didn’t do a good job of convincing me that geisha are anything more than fancy shmancy whores. There was an implication that they were honorable or sth… a whore is a whore…


1. Arlene - January 18, 2006

I saw this movie on Sunday…I totally agree with you…the story was engaging, the performances were pretty good, and the plot pretty interesting, but the movie was a tad bit long. I thought it was funny that they couldn’t cast any Japanese actors to play the main two roles of Onessa and Sayuri.

I think I will take the time to read the book…my friend said it’s way better than the movie…

2. Sylvia Boyd - January 20, 2006

Haven’t seen the movie yet but the book “Geisha” was so good. You might still enjoy it even though you know the story. It is beautifully written. Where are you staying? Are you working? Love, Grandma