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A week in… January 21, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

I’m sitting in the office where I will be staying for the next week, waiting for my friends to come over. I just read THIS great article (you should too) and decided to give you an update. I will be teaching 11-14 year olds this next week. At which point Chinese New Year will occur. Disappointingly, Chinese New Year is a more family oriented event here in Taiwan, like our Xmas eve. I’m tempted to split to Hong Kong where CNY is a lil’ more exciting, but I probly’ won’t. Today we will go to An Ping, famous for its delicious food.

You do know I post PICTURES all the time right?


1. Sylvia Boyd - January 24, 2006

Loved our Christmas pictures. Where is my handsome grandson? He’s suppossed to be in Taiwan, maybe with that guy who makes strange faces in all his pictures.

2. Sylvia Boyd - January 24, 2006

See if you can catch “Match Point.” It is the best.