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Child porn laws, coke can fires and face transplants. OR( Digg, Reddit and Slashdot) January 29, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : News , trackback

The internet is my favorite source of news. It tends to be eclectic, liberal (but not annoyingly so) and very “anti-TV media.” It is instant, read what I want, save it for later, share with a friend, save paper, catered to me News. And my favorite three sources are Digg, Reddit and Slashdot. The best way to get news is to add their RSS feeds to an RSS viewer, such as Thunderbird

Digg was not the first of these sites, but has quickly become popular. Anyone can add a news story, and once added, others vote (digg it) if they like it. The front page is littered with the most popular stories. For example, this article about Face Transplants is interesting.

Reddit is nice because it links directly to articles, without what can often be inane, if not humorous, comments. This article on starting a fire with a soda can and chocolate is great.

Slashdot is more tech based nerdy news, but seems to have a higher quality audience. The comments here tend to be far more illuminating and witty, but the news is moderated by… moderators, so it’s not as “free” as Digg. This article about a court ruling on child porn isn’t techy, but interesting.

In regards to this last article, while I can understand that we want to throw the book at child pornography consumers, as they fuel the industry, there has to be a higher penalty for the actual creation of child porn than for the distributors or copiers. Calling copying creating is inaccurate and will lead to all kinds of semantic problems in our overly wordy legislative system. Not to mention that now instead of just copying child porn, you might as well make it, since the penalty is the same.


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