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Good news and really, REALLY bad news February 2, 2006

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The good news: After hearing that I wouldn’t be graduating, I found out that a programming error occurred, and that I am now cleared for graduation. I expect my diploma will be sent out shortly.

The REALLY bad new: The American government is screwed, and so are its people. It’s going to take a bloody revolution to get the corrupt government out of office, but my people are too lazy/ignorant to do such a thing. Americans have been fattened up and dumbened down (funny huh?) to the point where a corrupt and thieving coalition such as the Bush mafia can sweep their rights out from under them. When things like This occurs, over and over again, what we call a “pattern” develops. The Bush admin has developed a “pattern” of arresting or shunning people that don’t pucker up to their bullshit. Similarly, when faced with a demand for something like an open debate, the Bushicrats line their audience with allies in such a way as to basically spit in all of our faces. The Bush administration lies and hides information in such a way as to obstruct justice. They manipulate the media to further their own agenda, and have Admitted to actively using propaganda.

Also: I am inundated with information. Being on the internet, I am exposed to myriad conspiracy theories and I read them, evaluate them and ignore them… but recently I have come to accept that there is something sinister about 9/11. THIS article and THIS movie finally convinced me. I found this article which refutes EVERY point in that movie except for One interesting thing. It states that the WTC7 building evidence was burned, but we have Video of the owner saying it was Demo’d… hmmm… That’s a strange inconsistancy… The new Conspiracy me says. “‘they’ didn’t get their stories straight.”


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