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Loose Change: A+ February 11, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life,Movies,News,Philosophy , trackback

This is a must see. Not because you have to believe or agree with it, but because it’s looking at what I see as blatantly questionable activity. Loose Change takes a look at the events of 9/11 and lays forth a very clear and organized argument for the idea that a crime was perpetrated by the American government against the American people and the world. Loose change can be downloaded via torrent HERE, FREE and LEGALLY. If you have any trouble downloading it, please let me know and I will help you get ahold of it.

The most telling bit of evidence I see is that the owner of the WTC7 building took out a 3.5 billion dollar insurance policy that specifically included acts of terrorism 6 weeks before 9/11. The most telling inconsistancy I have seen involves the attempt by sources of information to “prove” that the WTC7 building fell due to fire when I have VIDEO of the owner telling us it was “pulled” (demolished). Basically the powers that be have trouble keeping such a complex and involved lie consistant on every level to so many people, as would be expected.

When you see the movie, even if you don’t agree with all the points, there are so many numerous things that slap you in the face it become obvious our government is hiding something. What? and Why? Mail your congressman and demand an answer. Don’t forget your Senator!

At the end of Loose Change a question is asked. When will Americans DO something? Watch the video. Think about it. Give it to your friends and family. DO SOMETHING!


1. Maximiliano - February 14, 2006

so BitTorrent don’t be workin on mac, but i really do want to see this doc!