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Rainy and C C Cold February 18, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Bow or die, originally uploaded by AkumAPRIME.

Taipei is rainy and cold… and overpopulated. I am not Nearly as happy here as I was in Tainan. It’s more expensive too. But to look on the brightside, it has great public transportation and… it had a video game convention today… and… hmmmmm… there are a Lot of people here… wait that’s a bad thing… but all these people also mean a large variety in experiences, items, etc.

Well regardless of the Cons, it’s Nice to be in a Real city. LA is too spread out to be a Real city. So the experience of pollution and overpopulation is new, and I like new things.

The storm should end within the next 2 days. There is a park near where I live. I’m going to eat and search for it, as I have only vague directions to it. But there are supposedly pullup bars there, which I need to find!


1. Sylvia Boyd - February 23, 2006

Did I mention that you are turning intop a really good photographer. That last pic of the flower and butterfly is beautiful. Grandma