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Getting my ass kicked February 19, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : OCTGN , trackback

I love the tournament despite my massively losing record. I love the Highlander format. It’s unique and it’s hard for people to deck copy. The only real heart crusher was in my match against Darkfoxx. I had him 20 to 1. I was just about to kill him. I could’ve played Island Sanctuary and been safe/conservative. I would’ve won. Instead I got aggressive/sloppy. He killed me in the next round with 4 forests, Kamahl and plenty of Mana…

I wanted to kick myself. I just have to take it as a lesson. At any rate, the tourney is moving along. Participation is decent if not Optimal, but this bodes well for OCTGN’s Next Official tourney.


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