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A strange day. February 19, 2006

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FlowerFly, originally uploaded by AkumAPRIME.

This picture was taken in the park that is near my house. I took this picture this morning, right before my day got Weird.

As I left that park, an old man and his grand daughter (5 or 6 years old) see me. He hands me the badminton racket that the girl was holding, causing her to start to cry. I can’t say no to playing, so we hit for a bit, and the longer we go, the more the little girl starts to cry… poor kid. I hand the racket back, and the noise and tears subside.

Later that day, in the subway, a police man approaches me and says, ” Sir, I need your support.”

I am immediately concerned. First of all, it’s a policeman, which makes me wary. Secondly, what does he mean support? Who did I have to kill.

” Support you how?”
” You can’t chew gum in here.”
” Oh sorry, I Always forget that.” I throw my gum away.
Now the weird part. He says, ” Sir, you are better than all the Taiwanese. You really are.”

:? Huh? My friend and I assumed this to mean that when he asks the natives to throw their gum away, they give him attitude. He wasn’t being sarcastic; you could tell from his genuine tone.

Later that night, as I walked my friend to the bus stop, a man approached me. He got invasively close to me, one hand palm up, towards me, and the other hidden dangerously in his pocket. He said something to me in Chinese. I was immediately tense. I moved back; he responded by moving in. I looked to my friend. His hand still out, I took it, wary of the hidden hand.

” What’d he say?”
” He asks if you’re American.”
” Meigwo, doy.” American, yes.
More incomprehensible Chinese. The more I look at his face, the more I come to realize there’s something wrong with him. I look toward my friend, who has moved away from this guy.
” He asks you to say goodbye (ZaiJien).”
I do. More Chinese.
” He asks you to call him brother (deedee).”
Since I now believe him mentally retarded, I say, ” Zai Jien Deedee.” Good bye brother. He doesn’t get the clue. More Chinese and a strange look on my friends face. I am able to pick the words KuhAi out. I laugh a bit because I can’t see how that word will fit in.
” He asks if he is cute(Kuh Ai).”
Again, ” Zai Jien Deedee.”

At this point I’d humored him enough, and while I was sure he was simply being friendly in a strange way, that hidden hand gave me a healthy dose of fear. I put one hand on his shoulder and pushed him softly in the direction he had come from, past me. He resisted. I pushed harder and he moved away from me. I stepped past him and soon the bus came. I sent my friend on her way, made sure he didn’t get on with her, and that he didn’t follow me. A bit paranoid perhaps, but smart I think.

A strange day indeed. Oh, that reminds me. THIS GAME is strange, but Damn fun and creative. But what else could we expect from the genius that brought us Tontie?


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