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Biking and Photography work Well together August 30, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Biking and photography, my two most recent hobbies, have Great synthesis. I can do both together which makes them even more fun and powerful. Things could have been bad if I’d taken up, say, Snake training and Child rearing, or swimming and electrical engineering. Now I can travel around and if I see a nice shot, stop and capture it. In my car that’s Much harder.

I joined a cool site I found that hosts photography challenges. One of the challenges is called Simple Pleasures. The goal is to capture an image that makes a viewer think, “Yeah, I’d like That.” My idea for this image involves a kid and ice cream, so I hopped on my bike down to Baskin Robbins to find a kid to use as a subject. I asked three parents.

The first was ok, but the kid was too shy, so no go. The 2nd no nonononnoon no.. she said as soon as I looked at her. The 3rd guy said, ” No offence, but some strange guy wants to take pictures of my kid… not gonna happen.” Being treated like a child molester isn’t fun, so I left. The problem is, I still want the image…

I guess I need to borrow a kid I know and take them to get some ice cream. Maybe I should have my own kid, then I can force him/her to take pictures at will… hmm…

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