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I was Lied to February 14, 2007

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

I grew up reading comics, sci-fi and fantasy, RPGs and video games. By my 16th birthday, when puberty had certainly come, I was expecting my mutation to manifest. I held out a last hope at 18…

The future held nothing as exciting as what I’d been led to believe we would have, should have.

I felt/feel So… ripped off!!!

This life has been a Large disappointment for me.


1. lornahb - March 7, 2007

well, i don’t know about, “ripped off,” or the previous, “filled with hate,” you claim to have felt as a child. the kid i knew was in love with the world and interested in EVERYthing.
he also believed in God back then, before he was SO smart, i’m sure. good thing neither God nor we take too much of this stuff personally.
sorry, darling boy, but we never lied to you.