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1001 Books

By Peter Boxall and Universe Publishing.

This book lays out 1001 books you MUST read before you die. This is what I intend to do, but replace, “you die.” with ” 2009.” Having looked at all the titles, I’ve read 33 of them. With the exception of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I will reread all of them!

      Ok, I finished Wuthering Heights. It was a Crazy over dramatic love story. It had a happy ending, which I enjoy, so I was satisfied in the end. The language used is great, so it challenged me vocabularly(is that a word? (of course it isn’t, stop looking it up)). The interesting thing about the novel is that Emily Bronte lived in such an isolated lifestyle, it is curious how she was able to write such impassioned characters. It is a great example that we Humans share emotions at a basic level, somewhat beyond experience… Of course, the insanity of the characters, and the lack of realism on their part is also indicative of what a lack of experience can cause.


      1. lavin - August 2, 2006

      971/980≈1 (book per day)
      can you read so many books before 2009?you are very crazy,i think!
      my reading speed:3~5 books per month.about 50 books per year,1000 books in the next 20 years,it’s seemly,
      when i was 45,i must be informed.haha,so would you? an advise,choosing fine writings is more important than the reading many…in addition,psychologic book is my favorite,

      2. lornahb - November 11, 2006

      the pictures appearing on your site – those are all yours, yes?