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The Super Power Database

What power do you want? How did you get this power? What will you do with it once you have it? Are there any weaknesses/limitations to it?

Last Name First Name Power Origin Use of power Limits/Weakness Judgement Constraint
HB Evan Time Control Mutation Multi-Dimensional Domination none Too Strong – Shahin New Power
HB Evan Teleportation Mutation Travel, Open expensive delivery and travel business. Convince world I’ve created teleportation device. Must have been at location prior to teleportation    
Wilson Lilian Invisibility Psionic        
Wilson Peter Super Speed          
Salee Farm Mimic Super Powers     Limited to 6 copies at half strength Too strong – Evan Limited to 6 at 1/2
Amir Shahin            
Schwartz Max Awaken compassion in the hearts of humankind. Secret Tantric practices learned in Bhutan Create world peace      
Wu Joyce Teleportation          
Rudy Sharon Telepathy Psionic Help people and stop crime. Line of sight    
Manasrah Saed Persuasion Psionic “I would use it to educate people… and the strength is it will block all forms of ignorance from ones brain, forcing him/her to listen.” it has a 95% chance of convincing someone    
Saeger David Healing Mutation Troll hospitals and heal people Must touch the person, can heal anything except death.    
Luu Kim Flight – Lightning Speed Altered Human – Lightning Travel the world      
Garrido Jeanne-Candice Healing Mutation Heal people Heal any living wound or disease.    


1. red blackhawks jersey - November 6, 2016

Doughty isnt one of those “take the nice considering the bad” attacking defensemen-think Erik Karlsson, Kris Letang, Sue Earth-friendly, etc .