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Things I’ll Miss February 26, 2007

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

I remember reading that Benjamin Franklin would make a list of Pro’s and Con’s before making a decision. Well I’ve already made my decision, but I thought I’d reminisce on the things I’ll miss.

Comics – Man I love comics… I know more about comics than I should. Wonder how Civil war turns out…
Lost, the Office, Heroes – These three shows are Great.

Naruto and other anime – Will Sasuke EVER come back?? :(

MaX and Shahin getting us stuck in mountains… and other stupid adventures.

First Kisses: It’s all downhill from there.
My Dogs – all of them, that means Raisen, Pheonix, Cairo, Biscuit, Hero, Other Dog, and more



Final Fantasies – Although I have a feeling I’d be continually more and more disappointed. FF II/IV is, indubitably, not only the best Final Fantasy of all time, but RPG and video game of all time.

RPGs – Of all sorts… DnD, Rifts, Vampire, too many to name.

NetHack – I DO regret that I’ll never ascend. I also believe that, if there is an afterlife, I may be relegated to a lower level for Not having ascended.

Sunrises and sunsets and full moons and new moons and stars.. Nature in general. I love nature.



Cliff diving

4 by 4 Animal style – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm /drool


Zankou Chicken and their garlic sauce..

Hell, food of ALL kinds.. DAMN I love foooooood!!!


IRC.. for some reason… damn I had a LOT of nicks…

Reading: I’ll never finish all 1001 books now.

My friends: Most importantly. All of them, all around the world. Hey, do me a favor and DON’T leave stupid messages on myspace, etc., thanx.

Oh man there are sooo many things I’ll miss… but if I keep writing this list, I’ll never leave.


1. lornahb - February 27, 2007

Damn! it really hurts not to make the list!
Maybe we can count as just…really good friends???

mom & family

2. endurion - February 28, 2007

I see a whole list of PROs for living there… and not any CONs…

It seems to me that you actually would rather live.

And why not live? You’ll have plenty of time to be DEAD *later*… but your being alive can only be done *right now*.

So live while you are alive and be dead when you are dead. The two are unavoidable… why rush things?

Life is for living – so live it, and quit complaining. And if you must complain, fix whatever the problem is rather than running from it or whining about it.

Is this the way things were meant to be? If not, why do you think so?

If not, why don’t you change it?

If you would change it, what would you change it to – and why is it supposed to be that way?

For an “atheist” who has discredited the possiblity of “meaning” to life, or of any “rightness” to be found – you sure seem to be disturbed and pushed to the point of suicide at the lack of meaning and rightness that you find in your own life. … But is this not the state of things as atheism prescribes them?

So why are you surprised or why do you act as if this is not the way life should be, when your own philosophy says it should?

Perhaps your intuition about the way things “ought to be” is wrong. Or perhaps your philosophy that there is no “ought” and there is only _matter/energy_ is wrong.

Either way – as a scientist it should behoove you to seek out the source of your cognitive dissonance and eliminate it.

You will then be better suited to live your life with some clarity.

Because there is more than _matter/energy_, and there is an “ought” (as you well sense) and this is the source of your cognitive dissonance, because YOU are *more* than matter/energy, and so is LIFE.

When you remember that you still don’t know everything, and efface your own ego with some humility, you will come closer to recapturing that Wonder that you so desperate miss and reminisce.

You must become as a child again, and quit being an aged creature full of self-pity. Live your life, and remember what is real. You knew it once, you seek it even now. Do not stop your seeking, but seek even more fervently. Seek with all of your heart.

3. 1sadobserver - May 20, 2007


4. Андрей - October 3, 2016

It’s undoubtedly true; there are things that fade. But I can’t help blaming, in part, the fact that we also simply have access to more and more things to choose from more and more easily. Netflix, Amazon, iTunes – you wouldn’t have to go and search dusty used bookstores or know the guy who works at a record store in order to hear most of that stuff you’re missing. You’d only have to choose to hear it.