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Japanese whaling and Japanese people as a case study in misinformation, and Skype as a research source May 16, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life,News,Philosophy , trackback

I read alot of news. I am brimming with information. The only problem is that news is littered with propaganda, and thus, I may be overdosed on misinformation. So how do I determine the veracity of a news article? Well just as an experiment I did the following:

Recently I’ve been bothered by reports of Japanese whaling. Japan is accused of stockpiling Tons of whale meet under the false pretense of “scientific research” then using whale meet in dog food. Further more, it is attempting to add whale meat to school lunch programs to foster a taste for the meat. It is accused of buying the votes of small countries in the International Whaling Commission in order to make voting secret, in order to further its agenda of increased whaling world wide. Feel free to

I spent an hour writing, and my damn article got cut in fourth… IDK if I’ll rewrite it… Maybe I’ll synopsize later… damn that’s annoying.


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