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The one that got away June 30, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Littering, non-license plate having Prick.

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As I drive I often see people smoking, and when I sit behing them I mentally chant, ” Please don’t litter. Please don’t litter,” over and over again. Of course they usually Do litter, and today this guy did just that. He had a new silver car. I pulled up next to him. He was middle eastern, most likely Iranian from his accent, but I am unsure.

” Can you please not litter?” This is my usual statement, and he responded with, ” No, I can’t.” ” Ok, I have your license and I’m going to report you.” But I spoke tooo soon because I Didn’t have his license. So I sped up to get it and DUH… he had no plates yet. DAMN!!!
So the lucky bastard pulled up and pointed at me, both of us smiling. For a bit I thought, ” I have time. Let’s make an issue of this.” and I Followed him… but as we reached my destination I realized it wasn’t worth it, uselessly snapped a pic of his car, and continued on. He is a CSUN student, I’m guessing, since he pulled into CSUN.

Anyway, this jerk got away, and probably thinks the whole thing is pretty funny. He opened his window after I spoke with him and made a vague gesture with his arm. I couldn’t tell if he was motioning as if to litter again, to Piss me off, or saying he Wouldn’t do it again.


1. Kurt - July 9, 2006

I’m glad to see you care! That drives me nuts when I see people throw shit out their window. It’s ussually
fast food wrappers and cups. They are probably obese closet eaters sneaking meals. I do that but I don’t litter.