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I’m pulled in so many directions; Sometimes I think I will break July 30, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

Shahin Might be leaving today. We confirm his fate at 4:30 today. Things are ok I guess, but Shah’s situation is… regrettable. I will go to the Black Eyed Peas concert in Bangkok tonight: AWESOME! But Shah can’t go… IDK what to do if he doesn’t get this flight… I leave tomorrow for Phuket, so I may just have to set him up with a small room for a week, and food money.

Shah loves Bangkok. It’s a bit dirty for me. I’m happy to be going further south. The weather here is Great though, compared to what it was 3 months ago.

Well, I don’t want to write Too much, or I’ll be redundant when I get back… Peace


1. lavin - July 30, 2006

every time i come to see your story,why not write more for us?hope shah can get his flight today,or you will be very uneasily traveling in phuket if put your dear friend in a small room alone.good luck,fellows!
i was in the song mountain last weekend,it’s full of trees,in fact it’s a huge forest.north-west to the badaling great wall,we drove past the entrance of great wall and the ming dynasty tomb. i spend a saturday night in the forest hostel,at night,ten of us played the homicide game,till midnight,do you america youth play that game?it is very popular here,people love it!not mah-jongg,mah-jongg is for the olders,not pokers for the children,not gambling,gambling is only for the gambler,but homicide is most vogue,when you come to beijing again,i’ll teach you,very funny and delicate.i wish you could come …:)

2. lavin - July 30, 2006

there you can see 4 of those pictures,at the song moutain

3. Shah - August 1, 2006

Hey bro. After a couple intense hours of arguing I finally got them to give me a flight out tomorrow night. I’ll be hanging out at the airport and teh surrounding area, and should be back in the States in a couple days. If you can, message me with the preferred location for me to send you the money. HAve an outstanding trip bro, and I hope all goes as dreamed in Phiket =) Talk to ya soon.

4. Uncle Kurt - August 3, 2006

You do write well and when you have time I’m sure we will enjoy the novel.
Go have a good time!

5. lavin - August 3, 2006

if you can,mail me with the preferred location for me to send you a gift for the upcoming 911

6. lavin - August 3, 2006

it won‘t be a danger one,;)