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My 1st motorbike accident! :) August 11, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback

My Motoraccident Arm Road Rash

How’s THAT for an update?

Took a turn too fast and the road quality was poor (gravel, dirt, etc) so I couldn’t get the traction I needed. The damage isn’t bad to the bike or myself. My left arm is bloodied and my shirt got a hole in it :(

So I’m covered in bug bites, cuts and bruises now… Great fun!

:::EDIT::: added some pics for you people.


1. lorna - August 12, 2006

aaarrgggghhh!! my poor baby boy!! i can’t bear to see you all hurt & beat up.
take care of yourself – don’t get some yucky asian virus or infection.
i love & miss you, have been worried about your travelling, what with news
of hurricanes and terror…
be safe, mom

2. kim - August 14, 2006

so i found out the other day how to make that beloved zankou chicken garlic spread you love…LARD AND GARLIC. i was a little sad after i found out…i’m sure you won’t care much. you’re almost back right?

3. lavin - August 15, 2006

It’s a surprising update,Poor evan,be care
but you remind me “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”,
when little tom shows his friends his cuts,he is so proud like a great hero.same of you?;)

4. cathy - August 15, 2006

poor evan :(
sorry to hear that.
hope you be ok soon.