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Ah, to have your intelligence quantified… September 25, 2006

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Spider Heaven, Spider Hell

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I took the GRE today. I got a 690 on the Verbal (91st %ile) and a 750 on the quantitative (93rd %ile). I wanted to hit 700 and 700, so I fell short on my verbal section, but I did better on the quantitative. I’m quite happy with my scores but there’s still one other part to the test.
The writing analysis section is arguably the most imortant section of the test to me, and will take 3 weeks to get to me. If I get a 5 or 6 (out of 6) I’ll be satisfied. Any lower and I’ll consider retaking the test.

Damn damn DAMN… During the writing analysis, I had to refer to the Principal of a school about three times. I’m pretty sure I misspelled it as Principle. This will cost me half a point at the very least. I can only hope everything else makes up for it.

Now I have to worry about my Statement of Purpose, letters of recommendation and applications to schools.

The fact that school applications are $90 online is outRageous. Just to apply to my top 5 schools will cost me $500 dollars, which is insane.


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