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Downtime and details March 19, 2006

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I just switched webhosts from GoDaddy to LunarPages. Better, faster, stronger, CHEAPER. But there may be some site downtime.

In the meantime let me take a minute to explain some things.
A) If you like my pics thanx! Click on it and leave a comment on Flickr! If you want to Download and print it, click on it, click on All Sizes, and then Download.

B) Comments are not an answering machine. They are a place to comment on the topic at hand. Want to drop me a note? Email me. Want to talk about a picture? I prefer a flickr comment, though a quick comment in a post including the picture is acceptable. Mostly though just talk about what’s being talked about. (Note: This mostly applies to my family, who’s comments I am just modding out as personal notes. Though I appreciate the typo catches!)


1. Maximiliano - March 21, 2006

Now let me take a minute to explain some things.

A) You are a control freak and it aint like you get 40 comments per blog entry that need to be indexed into relevant, photo, and rebeliously off topic

B) I’ll drop a note right on your fucking balls you jerk. If i feel like telling you something you should be gratefull I even want to communicate.

C) how dare you talk to your family like that

D) It’s sort of ironic that i am totally following your format and staying on the topic of the entry while trashing what you wrote, aint it?

2. maxtrumental - March 22, 2006

damn. that last reply could be misconstued as harsh and jerky. You know i loves ya!

3. Scoosh - March 24, 2006

I agree 100% with what Max said and the humerous way in which he said it. At the same time I smile at the futile attempt to argue the importance of tact with Evan, and personally beleve that taking his straight-forward attitude away would rob him of an extremely unique and respecatable personality trait. Love ya Evan. Tellit how it is bitch!

p.s. I’ma reserve the right to drop a note right on your balls too pussy