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Clouds April 20, 2006

Posted by AkumAPRIME in : Life , trackback


Originally uploaded by AkumAPRIME.

So I got back to the zoo, and I took over 700 pics in the past 2 days!!! I’m sure I’ll weed about 3/5 of them out. But after getting back to the Zoo, torrential rainfall occurred… really dreadful since I had my camera with me… Anyway, Singapore is great, and I’ll have several hundred pics up ASAP.


1. Scoosh - April 29, 2006

YOU…….TAKE……TOO…..MANY……PICTURES!! Lookin at your pics is like looking at one of those old surveilance tapes with bad frame rate. It’s like you walk and click. We dont need to see EVERYTHING you see!!! JESUS! With that said, could you make a seperate flikr section that just has pics of people that you took? It would make it easier for me to go to the pics I wanna see. I still haven’t been able to find some of the pics you promised me you’d post.

2. lorna - May 10, 2006

the clouds r still the GREATest pic ever.
is Scoosh shah???